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Cera Valve

Ball Valve • KGT


The CeraValve type KGT is a ball valve with ceramic lining for open / close function and control tasks to be used in excessively abrasive media. It is to be preferably used for solid particles outfeed if special requirements are placed on the stem sealing, on the housing materials (titanium) or if there are very high or very low operating temperatures and high pressures. On the outlet side, the ball valve has a cone sleeve instead of a seat ring. The pressurisation should take place in the direction of flow-through. The function is based on a trunnion mounted ball. The seat ring is resilient. The round geometrical shape of the ball bore is standard. This ball valve has a "three part body" design. Consequently, it can be adapted to existing pipelines and the flow and control characteristics can be optimised. These valves are available with manual lever or gear box, as well as with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. The actuator is mounted by means of a yoke and adapter arrangement. All customary actuators can be used as part-turn valve actuators. Special connections are possible.


  • all metallic materials for the housing
  • Fire-safe design
  • TA-Luft design
  • High / low temperature design
  • Wafer-type

Typical application areas

Steel works

  • Silo expansion valve with low seat leakage (ANSI class V)
  • Pneumatic conveying of carbon powder, quartz, carbide…


  • Conveying of silicon powder
  • Silicon conveyor silo expansion valve


  • Dosing of FCC cat cracker (Al2O3 powder)


  • Dosing and conveying of copper concentrate
  • Copper conveying silo expansion valve

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